Splash screen of the Biograph app on iOS
This is the next big thing to hit the photofinishing industry and beyond!
Ellie Ander
Chicago North Shore Moms Co-Founder
Working with Biograph was a breeze! We created beautiful, personalized thank you cards for our newborn's gifts.
Megan Cicurel
It's beautiful. This is like the answer to empty social media. It's genuine, fulfilling, and purposeful.
This app will change the way we tell stories.
Jens Heitland, Human Innovation Podcast
The Biograph App is a powerful mode of storytelling.
Jonathan Eig, NYT Bestelling Biographer
Biograph lets diverse voices be heard by a larger audience.
Alex McNab
Biograph delivers on our need for immediacy, the personal touch of a human voice, and the natural desire to hold something physical.
Alissa Schapiro, Art Historian
I love Biograph because it allows you to be authentic.
Chirag Goel
I'm really grateful that Biograph has become a space for me to experiment with my creativity.
Emma Bozenda
I worked at SCAD with lots of UX designers. The interface is amazing. It’s so smooth. Easier than Instagram!
Mfon Akpan
In the inevitability of life, when transition comes, Biograph preserves moments and memories that you can go back to.
Ryan Stern
I wanna be here now. But I also wanna remember it later. That’s Biograph’s vibe.
Scott Saltzman
This changed the world. No matter what happens, the world is a little bit different.
Mark Yura, DLA Piper
I love using the voice chats to keep up with other people. It's a really cool, fun thing!
Angie Pando, COO of Swapnice
Words from customers

A new way to create and gather memories.

Screenshot of a biograph titled "Storytelling Reimagined" with photo of sunrise

a new way to create and gather memories.

record stories with expert guidance.

Screenshot of biograph containing a 1960s home movie with voice captions from present day
A physical biograph postcard with a baby announcement message

share with others and create group books.

access memories at your fingertips.

Screenshot of biograph containing a 1960s home movie with voice captions from present day
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